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Milongas in Krakow to dance Tango Argentino
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Milonga's nameLa Luna
Beginning time19:00
Ending time23:00
Entrance fee10 pln
AddressKrakowska 5
Telephone 1603445141
e-mail 1info@bravotango.pl
Milonga's venue typebar
Milonga's venue nameKlub Kabaret
Organizer's nameBravo Tango
Organizer's typeschool
Comments (transportation, music, ...)Traditional music, cosy atmosphere. There is a practica at 7 pm run by Bravo Tango school instructors every time before the milonga starts at 8 pm.
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Milonga's nameBahia Blanca
Beginning time21:00
Ending time01:00
Entrance fee0
AddressSkawinska 2
Telephone 148 603 445 141
Telephone 248 603 216 476
e-mail 1ania@tango.krakow.pl
e-mail 2lebajkow@inbox.com
Milonga's venue typebar
Milonga's venue nameMasada
Organizer's nameAnia+Marcin, Leszek
Organizer's typeindividuals
Comments (transportation, music, ...)The three DJs / organizers alternate: Ania, Leszek, Marcin - mostly traditional (old and new orquestas). There is a regular class before the milonga (19:45-21:00) run by Marcin and Ania.
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Milonga's nameMilonga Pod Baranami
Beginning time20:30
Ending time00:00
Entrance feeFree
AddressMain Market 27
e-mail 1mariannadabek@gmail.com
Websitehttp://Facebook: Milonga Pod Baranami
Milonga's venue typeBar
Milonga's venue namePiwnica Pod Baranami
Organizer's nameMarianna Dabek
Organizer's typeindividual
Comments (transportation, music, ...)Type of music: 50% traditional/50% nuevo & alternative;
7:45 - 8:30pm - The Tango Lesson (open level) before the Milonga
Transport: Main Market is a heart of Krakow - if you live in the centre, you don't need to use any public transport.
Piwnica Pod Baranami is one of the most legendary places of Krakow - you need to visit this extremely artistic spot :-)
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Milonga's name"El Infierno"
Beginning time23:00
Ending time06:00
Entrance feefree. Snacks or drinks are welcome
AddressDietla 44/29
Telephone 1600 366 878
Telephone 2512 103 971
e-mail 1tangokrakow@o2.pl
Comments (transportation, music, ...)Milonga in the center of Krakow near Wawel castle in old and mysterious building. 4th. floor.
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