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   2 milongas in Gothenburg in the state/province of Bohus. go there
   1 milonga in Gteborg in the state/province of Vstra Gtaland. go there
   1 milonga in Linkoping in the state/province of Ostergotland. go there
   1 milonga in Lund in the state/province of Scania. go there
   3 milongas in Malmo in the state/province of Scania. go there
   2 milongas in Malmoe in the state/province of Scania. go there
   3 milongas in Skelleftea in the state/province of Vasterbotten. go there
   14 milongas in Stockholm in the state/province of Stockholm. go there
   1 milonga in umea in the state/province of vasterbotten. go there
   4 milongas in Uppsala in the state/province of Uppsala. go there
   2 milongas in Vasteras in the state/province of Vastmanland. go there

Milongas in Gothenburg to dance Tango Argentino
Sun Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat

Milonga's nameSunday Tango at Maj12:an
Beginning time18:00
Ending time20:00
Entrance fee80 SEK
AddressKalgardsgatan 5A
Telephone 1+46723503948
e-mail 1labonne.elodie@gmail.com
e-mail 2labonne.elodie@gmail.com
Milonga's venue typeballroom
Milonga's venue nameMaj12:an
Organizer's nameElodie Labonne
Organizer's typeDance School
Comments (transportation, music, ...)Check our website for the latest updates:
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Milonga's nameTango Nights
Beginning time20:00
Ending time23:00
Entrance fee 5 Euro
AddressKronhusgatan 2f
Telephone 10046 151851
Telephone 20046 518513
e-mail 1tangonights@me.com
Milonga's venue typeart gallery
Milonga's venue nameGalleri Cosmopolitan
Organizer's nameAlexander Pankow, Charlotta Tonelli
Organizer's typedance school
Comments (transportation, music, ...)The venue is in the centre of the city, very good transportation in any direction, traditional tango music from the golden period.

Práctica before the milonga, at 19.00 - 20.00
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