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   1 milonga in Hrvatini near Koper in the state/province of Koper/Capodistria. go there
   1 milonga in Izola in the state/province of slovenia. go there
   3 milongas in Ljubljana in the state/province of Slovenia. go there

Milongas in Hrvatini near Koper to dance Tango Argentino
Sun Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat

Milonga's nameA.R.T. Tango Medea
Beginning time21:00
Ending time02:00
Entrance fee10,00E
CityHrvatini near Koper
AddressHrvatini 148
Map LinkClick here for a map
e-mail 1serenata.dea@gmail.com
Milonga's venue typeballroom
Organizer's nameRenata De Andrea
Organizer's typeassociation
Comments (transportation, music, ...)-our milonga is not in a regular weekly base
-type of music-traditional
-with Tdj musicalizadores
-sometimes music live with Orquestas also
-milonga with buffet
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Milongas in Izola to dance Tango Argentino
Sun Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat

Milonga's nameMILONGA DEL MAR
Beginning time00:00
Ending time00:00
Entrance fee10€
AddressManzioli 2
Telephone 10038641799590
e-mail 1bojana.gobbo@siol.net
Organizer's nameLucio
Comments (transportation, music, ...)on 24.october. Palace Manzioli
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Milongas in Ljubljana to dance Tango Argentino
Sun Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat

Milonga's nameStudio BA Tango Practica
Beginning time21:00
Ending time23:00
Entrance feefree
AddressMesarska r4
Map LinkClick here for a map
Telephone 1+386 41 555 572
Telephone 2+386 40 555 572
e-mail 1studio@ba-tango.com
e-mail 2info@ba-tango.com
Milonga's venue typestudio
Milonga's venue nameStudio BA Tango
Organizer's nameBlaz and Andrea
Organizer's typeStudio BA Tango
Comments (transportation, music, ...)Strictly neotango music.
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Milonga's nameLa Milonguita Ljubljana
Beginning time20:00
Ending time00:00
Entrance fee10 EUR
AddressVilharjeva 3, 1000 Ljubljana
Map LinkClick here for a map
e-mail 1info@tangodjalenka.eu
Milonga's venue typedance studio
Milonga's venue nameDance studio Moj korak Ljubljana
Organizer's nameTango DJ Alenka Dermol
Organizer's typeTango DJ
Comments (transportation, music, ...)Regular monthly milonga in Ljubljana, capital of Slovenia, every first Saturday of each month.

For more info and dates please see our website https://tangodjalenka.eu/la-milonguita/
or follow us on Facebook

What you can expect:
- excellent traditional tango music
- big wooden dancefloor
- drinks and snacks included in the price
- big free parking in front of the building
- usually a sorteo/raffle/prize draw
- sometimes special milongas with excellent tango orchestras
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Milonga's nameMilonga La Calesita
Beginning time20:00
Ending time01:00
Entrance fee10
AddressSmartinska cesta 106
Telephone 1+386 40 755 696
Telephone 2+386 40 733 798
e-mail 1dana@calesitatango.si
e-mail 2darko@calesitatango.si
Milonga's venue typeballroom
Milonga's venue nameDancelife
Organizer's nameDana and Darko
Organizer's typedance school
Comments (transportation, music, ...)Milonga La Calesita is a regular milonga, organized once or twice per month on Fridays or Saturdays. For dates, please follow our Facebook page:

Milonga La Calesita features:
- traditional milonga with tandas and cortinas
- local & guest DJs
- sometimes performances
- excellent wood dancefloor
- top sound system
- free parking
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