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   1 milonga in Saint-Petersburg in the state/province of Saint-Petersburg. go there
   2 milongas in Chelyabinsk in the state/province of Chelyabinsk. go there
   1 milonga in Khabarovsk in the state/province of Far East. go there
   1 milonga in Krasnodar in the state/province of Kuban. go there
   11 milongas in Moscow in the state/province of Russia. go there
   1 milonga in Novosibirsk in the state/province of Siberia. go there
   1 milonga in Rostov-na-Donu in the state/province of Rostov-na-Donu. go there
   2 milongas in Rostov-on-Don in the state/province of The south of Russia. go there
   1 milonga in Saint-Petersbourg in the state/province of Saint-Petersbourg. go there
   4 milongas in Saint-Petersburg in the state/province of Severo-Zapad. go there
   2 milongas in Samara in the state/province of Volga Federal District, Samara. go there
   1 milonga in Sankt-Peterburg in the state/province of Sankt-Pererburg. go there
   1 milonga in Sochi in the state/province of Sochi. go there
   1 milonga in St. Petersburg in the state/province of St. Petersburg. go there
   1 milonga in Tomsk in the state/province of Tomskaya oblast. go there
   1 milonga in Tula in the state/province of Tula Region. go there
   1 milonga in Tver in the state/province of Tver. go there
   2 milongas in Voronezh in the state/province of Voronezh. go there
   1 milonga in Zhukovsky in the state/province of Moscow area. go there

Milongas in Saint-Petersburg to dance Tango Argentino
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Milonga's nameDominguera
Beginning time20:30
Ending time23:30
Entrance fee200 rub.
AddressTchaikovskogo street, 26
Map LinkClick here for a map
State/ProvinceLeningradskaya oblast
Telephone 1+7(812)7151934
Telephone 2+7(901)3151934
e-mail 1 tango@tangomania.ru
Milonga's venue typeballroom
Organizer's typedance school Tangomania
Comments (transportation, music, ...)Office centre, (metro station "Chernyshevskaya"), main entrance from the street, 2nd floor. Traditional milonga,friendly, the best tango music,coffee,tea,mulled wine and some cookies.
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Milonga's nameMilonga in Casa Latina
Beginning time23:00
Ending time03:00
Entrance fee200 rubles
Addressulitza Sadovaya, 28/30
e-mail 1andrey.luga-spb@mail.ru
Milonga's venue typebar
Organizer's typedance school
Comments (transportation, music, ...)5 min. by walk from metro station "Gostiniy Dvor"
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Milonga's nameNostalgia
Beginning time20:30
Ending time01:00
Entrance fee200 rubles
AddressParadnaja street, the house 3, the case 2
Map LinkClick here for a map
Telephone 1+79119901173
Telephone 2+79119022297
e-mail 1victor@elabrazo.ru
Milonga's venue typeballroom
Milonga's venue nameHousing estate Smart quarterParadniy Cvartal
Organizer's nameSchool of the Aargentinsky tango of "el Abrazo"
Organizer's typedance school
Comments (transportation, music, ...)Music traditional
10 min. by walk from metro station "Chernishevskaya"
From Kirochnaya street turn rightto Paradnaja street. Between houses 3 and 5 turn right and climb up the staircase. Then continue forward to the arch with gates. "Visit" bell. In far corner of the inner yard you'll see "El Abrazo" welcoming lights.
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Milonga's nameLa Gazzetta
Beginning time19:00
Ending time23:30
Addressul. Borovaya, 32
e-mail 1tangomax@mail.ru
Organizer's nameTango-studio MaLena
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