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   1 milonga in Buda in the state/province of Budapest. go there
   10 milongas in Budapest in the state/province of Budapest, Hero's square. go there
   1 milonga in Sitia in the state/province of Crete. go there

Milongas in Buda to dance Tango Argentino
Sun Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat

Milonga's nameTango y Alma
Beginning time18:00
Ending time23:30
Entrance fee4 euro / 6 euro if live music
AddressBem rakpart 6.
Map LinkClick here for a map
Telephone 1(36)203771214
e-mail 1info@tangoyalma.hu
e-mail 2koppergotz@yahoo.co.uk
Milonga's venue typeballroom with a view to the Danube
Organizer's nameAndrea and Andras
Organizer's typeindividuals
Comments (transportation, music, ...)18.00-19.00 beginners'lesson, 19.00-20.00 advanced lesson, 20.00-23.30 milonga with traditional music
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Milongas in Budapest to dance Tango Argentino
Sun Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat

Milonga's nameKoleves Milonga by Lucas y Judit
Beginning time20:00
Ending time01:00
Entrance fee1200HUF
AddressKazinczy utca 41
Map LinkClick here for a map
Telephone 10036306251445
e-mail 1somosjuditylucas@gmail.com
Milonga's venue typeBar Restaurant
Milonga's venue nameKoleves
Organizer's nameLucas Molina Gazcon Judit Somos
Organizer's typeDancers
Comments (transportation, music, ...)Once a month, next on the 23rd of November with a show of Damian Rosenthal and Vanessa Fatauros.
Bus 5,7,8,112
tram 4-6
The Milonga is in the famous street of ruin bars
Possibility to book tables,VIP tickets with empanadas from Buenos Aires and glass of wine.
The milonga is sponsored by El Yeite Tango Club Buenos Aires and the Embassy of Argentina in Budapest
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Milonga's nameMilonga at the Lake
Beginning time21:00
Ending time23:45
Entrance fee800 HUF
AddressOlof Palme str 5.
Map LinkClick here for a map
e-mail 1johanna@tangoargentino.hu
e-mail 2johanna.kulik.1@facebook.com
Milonga's venue typeOpen air pub, vinery and coctail bars
Organizer's nameJohanna Kulik, Josip Bartulovic
Organizer's typeDancers
Comments (transportation, music, ...)Every summer monday evening we waiting for everyone for a nice tango in the building of Varosligeti Mujegpalya. Olof Palme str.5.Budapest, Hungary
19-20 beginner class
20-21 advance class
During the class there's chance to practica
21-24 milonga from our favourite songs.

We are waiting for all of you, Josip & Johanna
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Milonga's nameMucsarnok Milonga
Beginning time20:00
Ending time23:45
Entrance fee1500 Huf
AddressDózsa györgy út
State/ProvinceBudapest, Hero's square
Telephone 1+36209431614
e-mail 1mucsarnokmilonga@gmail.com
Milonga's venue typeopen air
Milonga's venue nameMucsarnok / Art Hall / Kunsthalle
Comments (transportation, music, ...)Open air milonga!
Only in summertime: June-July-August
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Milonga's namePracTanGo
Beginning time19:30
Ending time23:00
Entrance fee3 EUR
AddressVarmegye utca 13
e-mail 1beno_ke@yahoo.com
Organizer's nameLa Estrella Milonguera
Comments (transportation, music, ...)It is a guided and free practica each Tuesday.
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Milonga's nameMilonga Del Angel
Beginning time21:00
Ending time00:30
Entrance fee1000 HUF
AddressRokk Szilard street 11.
Map LinkClick here for a map
Telephone 1+36-20-967-8011
Telephone 2+36-1-784 77 76
e-mail 1bartha.kat@tangoharmony.hu
e-mail 2artsharmony@arts.hu
Milonga's venue typeballroom
Milonga's venue nameMilonga Del Angel
Organizer's nameTango Harmony
Organizer's typeorchestra
Comments (transportation, music, ...)Milonga del Angel on Tuesdays ...!

The only regular milonga in Budapest with live music at Arts Harmony Studio! Music by the Tango Harmony Budapest Argentine tango orchestra, and by the best Hungarian djs or foreign guest djs.
Admission is 1000 Ft but can be changed with home-made delicacies!
(We welcome all the delicacies and share them. :-)

Next party Tuesday, 21:00 - 0:30 !!!
21-22 - Tango Harmony Budapest
22-00:30 - The best Hungarian djs or foreign guest djs.
Tango Harmony Budapest Orchestra
The predecessor of the orchestra was founded in 1998 with the leadership of Katalin Bartha. Enchanted by the music of Argentinean Astor Piazzolla the orchestra began to build their repertoire cooperating with Eero Kesti finnish composer. Therefore Tango Harmony has been invited to play at several concerts and shows. They play Piazzolla’s music as well as traditional tangos, valses, milongas and music composed by the group’s pianist Gyrgy Lzr.
Members of the orchestra:
Alejandro Szabo (arg) - bandoneon
Katalin Bartha (hun) - violin, violincornetto, vocal, art director
Pter Bartha (hun) - bandoneon
Gyrgy Lzr (hun) - piano, vocal
Ott Nagy (hun) - violoncello, viola da gamba
Gbor Piukovics (hun) - doublebass
Bernt Babicsek - accordeon
Andrs Szllsi - doublebass, vocal
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Milonga's nameKazimir
Beginning time21:00
Ending time00:00
Entrance fee800Huf (400 consumption) 2.6 EUR
AddressKazinczy street 34, 1074
e-mail 1endre.szeghalmi@gmail.com
Organizer's nameKonrad,Balazs,Endre
Comments (transportation, music, ...)Traditional music, max 1 nuevo tanda sometimes. Great enery, lots of people and fun!
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Milonga's nameCASTLE milonga
Beginning time21:00
Ending time00:00
Entrance fee2 EURO
e-mail 1endre.szeghalmi@gmail.com
Milonga's venue typeopen air (only on summer)
Milonga's venue nameSavoyai Terrace
Organizer's nameBalazs, Konrad, Endre
Comments (transportation, music, ...)This is one of the most beautiful open air milonga in Europe.

Only on summer!

Please double check whether is not cancelled the milonga, due the weather conditions. Sometimes the milonga venue is occupied by another organization!

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Milonga's nameTango Infusion milonga
Beginning time21:00
Ending time00:30
Entrance fee1000 HUF (approx 3 EUR)
Address67 Kiraly str., 6th district
Map LinkClick here for a map
Telephone 1+36209676119
e-mail 1sinoros@gmail.com
Milonga's venue typedance school
Milonga's venue nameTilia Dance Studio
Organizer's nameBotond
Organizer's typedance school
Comments (transportation, music, ...)The milonga held monthly, please check the calendar found at milonga.hu or our Tango Infusion Facebook site.

Tilia Studio is located in the heart of the city - easy to get there by tram/night tram No 4 or No 6. Cozy venue with nice floor, lights.

Almost 2/3 part of songs played are classified as nuevo/alternativo music but traditional ones are also played here.
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Milonga's nameMilonga Sin Palabras
Beginning time21:30
Ending time00:00
Entrance fee1000 Huf/ ! euro
AddressOn 29 November: ROXY STUDIO, 1136 Budapest, Tatra utca 4.
e-mail 1sinpalabrasmilonga@yahoo.com
Milonga's venue typestudio
Milonga's venue nameRoxy
Organizer's nameAntonia and Levente
Comments (transportation, music, ...)On 29 November: change of location, come here: ROXY STUDIO,1136 Budapest, Tatra utca 4.

(Our regular place: Muzikum Klub, 1088 Budapest, Muzeum utca 7.)

Please always check on milonga.hu or on our facebook website!

Friday milonga in Budapest with the best classical tango- milonga- vals tandas, with a few altarnatives, with warm, familiar atmosphere :-)
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Milonga's nameEl abrazo de la noche
Beginning time21:30
Ending time00:30
Entrance fee1000 HUF or 4 euros
Address1067 Budapest Etvs U. 10. III. floor big dance hall
Map LinkClick here for a map
e-mail 1mefaen@gmail.com
Milonga's venue typedance hall
Organizer's nameRobert Mototang
Organizer's typeDj, tangodancer, tangotheater dancer
Comments (transportation, music, ...)Hola Tangueros,

We have a pleasure to invite to you to a BRAND NEW milonga in a cultural and community center close to OKTOGON. We will meet in cultural house - theatre. It's truly modern, cllean and separated by anyone else. You cannot miss this milonga for at least few reasons:

- it is in the center

- the DJ-s of the evening plays happy felling traditional and neotango tandas

- this milonga is gonna be the best for friday evenings.

- for the contribution you can dance and have refreshments

- also it gives you a chance to win smting with tombola (lottery)

The contribution is 1000 HUF or 4 euros

check the place's wevsite :

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Milongas in Sitia to dance Tango Argentino
Sun Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat

Milonga's nameSitia Tango Festival (vol.1) - El Tango De Erotokritos
Beginning time22:00
Ending time04:00
AddressKaramanli 10, 72300
Map LinkClick here for a map
Telephone 1+306973567240
e-mail 1tangomelodia@gmail.com
Milonga's venue nameCretan House
Organizer's nameTango Melodia - El Tango de Erotokritos
Comments (transportation, music, ...)Sitia Tango Festival (vol.1)
El Tango De Erotokritos

24-26 May 2024

Vasia Thanopulou & Gabriel Marino
Peggy Dadaki & Giorgos Linardatos
Maria Maragaki & Guillermo Torrens

Guillermo Torrens
Gabriel Marino
Peggy Dadaki

Friday 24 May 2024
22:00 – 4:00 am Milonga with presentation of maestros

Saturday 25 May 2024
11:15-12:45 Maria & Guillermo
Theme: Swapping between parallel & cross system and between close & open embrace (ALL LEVELS)

13:30 - 15:00 Peggy & Giorgos
Theme: 1. - Improvisation. Tools and techniques for imagination in your dance. Make your own moves – figures (ALL LEVELS)

15:15 - 16:45 Vasia & Gabriel
Theme: 1. Milonga: Starting with a simple, nice combination for all which will be developed to a more complicated secuencia (ALL LEVELS)

22:00 – 4am Milonga with performances by maestros

Sunday 26 May 2024
13:00 - 14:30 Maria & Guillermo
Theme: Change of direction and circular movements for Vals (INERMEDIATE/ADVANCED)

14:45 - 16:15 Vasia & Gabriel

16:30 - 18:00 Peggy & Giorgos
Theme: Musicality. We listen, distinguish the orchestras and discover the quality of movement, expression and interpretation. Study the basic rhythms to be able to change dynamics. (ALL LEVELS)

22:00 – 4:00am Milonga

Workshop 15E
Friday milonga 10E
Saturday milonga 15E - non dancers 7E
Sunday milonga 10E
Workshops pass 80E
Milonga pass 30E
Full Package (6 workshops + 3 milongas) 100E

Workshop 17E
Friday milonga 12E
Saturday milonga 17E - non dancers 9E
Sunday milonga 12E
Workshop pass 85E
Milongas pass 38E
Full Package (6 workshops + 3 milongas) 115E

VENUE: Cretan House - Events room

tel. 6973576240

** 2 direct flights from Athens to Sitia (Siteia) airport Vitsentzos Kornaros in 1 hour, with Aegean Airlines, at really good prices!

Friday 24th departing from Athens at 15:40
Monday 27.05 departing from Sitia at 5:40 a.m.


Amazing moments in Crete, Sitia - Lasithi
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