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Milongas in Larissa to dance Tango Argentino
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Milonga's nameLa milonga De Larissa
Beginning time22:00
Ending time02:00
Entrance feeFree Entrance
AddressRoosevelt 38 str.
Telephone 1+306972604646
e-mail 1tango.en.larissa@gmail.com
Milonga's venue typeBar
Milonga's venue nameONAR Bar
Organizer's nameClub Cultural Del Tango Argentino De Larissa
Organizer's typeClub Cultural del Tango Argentino
Comments (transportation, music, ...)The first milonga in Larissa city from 2006!!
The leader of the tango development at the city of Larissa!!!
A Traditional milonga with kortinas & tandas....

Music stracture for tangos, valsecitos y milongas....

Dancers from all over Greece and abroad.....

Before you visit us please communicate with us via email or telephone in order to check any changes of the day & hour. (Not very often, changes)
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Milonga's nameLabios De Tango
Beginning time22:30
Ending time03:00
Entrance feeFree
AddressAsklipiou 27
Telephone 1+30 6944 621654
e-mail 1labiosdetango@gmail.com
Milonga's venue typeAir Conditioned Cafe
Milonga's venue nameCafe Encore
Organizer's nameAntonia Iroidou
Organizer's typeTango Dancer
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Milonga's nameMilonga del Centro
Beginning time22:00
Ending time02:30
Entrance fee5 euros included drink
AddressGalinou 5,Larisa,Greece
Map LinkClick here for a map
Telephone 1241 110 1963
e-mail 1domapos@hotmail.com
e-mail 2losmilonguerosdelarissa@yahoo.gr
Milonga's venue typeballroom,theater
Milonga's venue nameXORIAMVOS
Organizer's nameAris papa milonguero Apostolis (rivero)
Organizer's typetango-djs,and friends
Comments (transportation, music, ...)We start an open season milonga at 24 Oc 2015.The milonga is open every 3 weeks.
The Milonga vieja esquina after two years its closed ,dont worry friends of tango we are at different place!After Hridanos we are now at the cultural place named Xoriamvos, Galinou 5
There is a big elegant place with a gig ballroom for tango Argentino and theatrical lights ,were are the best tantas around !!!

Now every month we open the "Milonga del centro",
Χορίαμβος (πολιτιστικός χώρος... tel 241 110 1963
Γαληνού 5
Lárissa, Greece

We are 5 minute walk from the ancient Greek Theater of Larissa.
Only a very short walk (3 min) from the center of the city , there is a large cultural place called Xoriamvos.
Every month, it houses the Milonga del Centro where you can listen and dance to your favourite Tango music until the wee hours in the morning. It is one of the very few venues in Central and Northern Greece, where Tango Aficionados and their guests go crazy at the lovely, laid-back and cozy atmosphere created by the resident DJs, so much so that they lose track of time and rarely leave before the end of the night at around 3.00 in the morning !!!

One of the very few Traditional Milongas in Greece, "Milonga del Centro" is where you can find true Tango Estilo Milonguero music !!! It has already been registered as a unique experience in the minds of tango lovers in the area, and it is a milonga where ENTRANCE includes wine or beer !!!

We play Tango music mostly of the “Guardia Vieja” (Old Guard) from the early period of Tango, also known as “The Golden Age of Tango”. The milonga consists of traditional tandas and cortinas (following the TTV - TTM pattern) for tango dancers to enjoy and dance at. Mini surprises are often included such as live Tango music bands, guest DJs, etc. The milonga endorses and observes all of the traditional tango codes”.
Resident DJs: Apostolis “Rivero” Domalis and Aris “Papa Milonguero” Karanikas.

More info: Larissa is a city of about 200.000 inhabitants, situated in Central Greece. Only a short bus or train trip (1.5 hours) from Thessaloniki or a 3.5-hour trip from Athens. It is only 40 minutes away from the towns of Trikala, Karditsa and Volos and the famous sightseeing area of “Meteora”.
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Milonga's nameMilonga TangoLarissa
Beginning time22:00
Ending time02:00
Entrance fee6 euros
AddressRousvelt 65 1st floor
Map LinkClick here for a map
Telephone 100306982062049
Telephone 200306944722258
e-mail 1tangoraf@yahoo.com
e-mail 2tangozili@yahoo.com
Milonga's venue typeDance School
Milonga's venue nameTangoLarissa Cultural Club
Organizer's nameRafail and Zili
Organizer's typeTangoLarissa
Comments (transportation, music, ...)Rafail and Zili organise every second Saturday the Milonga " TangoLarissa" in the centre og Larissa city.

The beautifully dressed red decor and the atmospheric lighting makes for an elegant Tango night of dancing mainly to Traditional Tango, Milonga and Tango Vals always in a line of dance, arranged in tandas with cortinas.

We are looking forward to seeing you at 22:00
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