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Milongas in Rijeka to dance Tango Argentino
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Milonga's nameMilonga Tango del Mar
Beginning time20:00
Ending time23:00
Entrance feefree
AddressSokol Kula 13, Caffe bar Ritz, Mljekarski trg
Map LinkClick here for a map
Telephone 100385 98 461 275
Telephone 200385 91 7644 255
Milonga's venue typeopen air, Caffe bar Ritz
Organizer's nameTango Azur Croatia
Organizer's typedance school
Comments (transportation, music, ...)Our milonga dance in the city center at Mljekarski trg
with a nice breeze that cools the hot summer nights

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Milonga's nameMilonga Bacva
Beginning time21:00
Ending time01:00
Entrance fee4 euro for none members (30 kn)
AddressDolac 8, 51000 Rijeka
Map LinkClick here for a map
State/ProvincePrimorsko Goranska
Telephone 100385 91 7222 658
Milonga's venue typeBar/KLub
Milonga's venue nameKLub Bacva
Organizer's nameSusan Magas
Organizer's typeDance school
Comments (transportation, music, ...)Hello everyone!
Our milonga takes place every second Thursday of the month...
Here are the dates for June :)
Our milonga is traditional and we welcome the cabaceo and the mirada ..
The Dj of the evening is Miss Susan Magas
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Milonga's nameMilonga Flamingo
Beginning time21:00
Ending time00:00
Entrance fee20 kn (3 euros)
AddressRiva 6, 51000 Rijeka
Map LinkClick here for a map
State/ProvincePrimorsko Goranska
Telephone 100385915107197
Milonga's venue typeBar/ Open air in summer
Milonga's venue nameMilonga Flamingo
Organizer's nameSusan Magas
Organizer's typeIndividual
Comments (transportation, music, ...)Dear tango dancers,
a traditional Milonga with traditional tandas every Friday night at the Flamingo bar with the best view in the city.
We start at 21:00 and dance untill midnight.
Entrance fee : 20 kn
Welcome to the best milonga in town!

Abrazo :)
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