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Milongas in Daejeon to dance Tango Argentino
Sun Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat

Milonga's nameTarde
Beginning time15:00
Ending time19:00
Entrance fee7,000 Won
Address179, Goejeong-ro, Seo-gu, Daejeon, Korea
Map LinkClick here for a map
Telephone 1+82 10 5718 9593
Telephone 2+82 10 5718 9593
e-mail 1ns0195@korea.kr
e-mail 2ns0195@korea.kr
Milonga's venue typeBar
Milonga's venue nameLa Vista
Organizer's nameDiego Ki
Organizer's typeassociation
Comments (transportation, music, ...)Milonga Tarde started 1year ago
If you have time or opportunity come Korea
Call us~
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Milonga's namedaejeon tango milonga
Beginning time20:00
Ending time00:00
Entrance fee6,000 korea money
AddressYeseong-gu, goong-dong 451 / dehak-lo 81 road
Map LinkClick here for a map
Telephone 182-010-3899-5252
Telephone 282-011-437-9648
e-mail 1suangam@daum.net
Milonga's venue typebar
Milonga's venue namela boom
Organizer's namewillkey / seon conelly
Organizer's typeassociation
Comments (transportation, music, ...)milonga of laboom 2001 has started danceing.

laboom milonga is the largest and oldest milonga.

Many research facilities around foreigners and daejeon tangoros from 40 to 60 people come steadily.

10 minutes walk from the subway YEONGONG station : fee 1,200

30 minutes by taxi from the Daejeon station : fee 10,000

Is near the bus and get off at the Chungnam National University.

Music type usually comes with traditional and sometimes nueve.
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Milonga's nameazucar sunday milonga
Beginning time19:00
Ending time22:30
Entrance fee10000won
AddressGung-dong 418-2 B1
Map LinkClick here for a map
Telephone 1821054383186
e-mail 1raputa91@naver.com
e-mail 2raputa91@gmail.com
Milonga's venue typebar
Milonga's venue nameazucar
Organizer's nameraputa
Organizer's typeindividuals
Comments (transportation, music, ...)If you come from Seoul by train, it is faster to get off the train and use the subway
It takes about 10 minutes to get off at Yuseong Hot Spring Station and take a taxi to the main gate of Chungnam National University or walk.
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Milonga's nameazucar
Beginning time21:00
Ending time01:00
Entrance feeABT 6 dollars(6000KRW)
AddressYusung-gu, Gung-dong 418-2
Map LinkClick here for a map
Telephone 1+82 (0)10-2415-0563
e-mail 1fishlove0@hotmail.com
e-mail 2fishlove0@hanmail.net
Milonga's venue typelatin culture club(Tango/Salsa/Swing)
Milonga's venue nameAZUCAR
Organizer's nameMs. Inkyoung Lee(Fish)
Organizer's typeindividual
Comments (transportation, music, ...)Azucar is a latin culture club in Daejeon since 2000. You can enjoy the milonga on Wendsday, Friday, Saturday night and swing on Thursday.

Come and dance with Korean Tangueros! We are sure that you will have great experience with us!!
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