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Milongas in Nagoya to dance Tango Argentino
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Milonga's nameMilonga para todos
Beginning time19:30
Ending time22:30
Entrance feeJPY 2,500
Address2F Fujii Bldg. 2-22-35 Higashisakura, Higashi-ward, Nagoya, Aichi
Map LinkClick here for a map
Telephone 1090-4409-7733
e-mail 1milongasinnagoya@gmail.com
Milonga's venue typetango studio
Milonga's venue nameNagoya Argentine Tango Club
Organizer's nameO. Oda
Organizer's typeindividuals
Comments (transportation, music, ...)Sunday 16 February 2020

Special Tango DJ: Ville Hiltula

20h00-, 21h00- (2 stages)
Live Music Performance by
Ville Hiltula (bandoneon)
Asako Yada (piano)

Entrance fee:
Milonga JPY 2,500 w/ 1 drink

Nagoya Argentine Tango Club
2F Fujii Bldg, Higashisakura, Higashi ward, Nagoya, Aichi

Milonga para todos with live music

Come and dance to groovy tango music played by Bandoneon and Piano Duo, Ville and Asako!
Ville is also playing an enjoyable selection of tango music as a Tango DJ.

Live music performance starts at 20:00 and 21:00.
No dancing is required. Music lovers are welcome.

Just dancing, listening, chattering together in a cozy atmosphere.
Please come and join us.

Anyone is welcome!
The venue is 5-minute walk from Shinsakaemachi station of Metro Higashiyama Line.

Please also see this site;
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