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Milongas in New Delhi to dance Tango Argentino
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Milonga's namemilonga de mis amores
Beginning time20:30
Ending time23:30
Entrance feeRs. 500
CityNew Delhi
Addressmilonga de mis amores
State/ProvinceNew Delhi
Telephone 19810530027
Milonga's venue typerestaurant
Organizer's namekiran sawhney
Organizer's typedance school
Comments (transportation, music, ...)The best milonga in town. It is very popular amongst the international travelers looking for a good milonga.
Excellent DJ and Tango music. Very well organized.
You may contact Kiran at 9810530027

We are bringing in Tango festival in Delhi.
Tango fireworks- Three days of passion in mystic India
In support with Embassy of Argentina.
Tango festival coming up- 27th Feb, 28th Feb, 1st March 2015.
This festival will have
Live Tango band of 5 artists from Europe- Tango Extremo (from Holland)
International Tango DJ- Sabato Aranzitti (from Italy)
3 famous teachers from Argentina. - Andres AlarcÚn, Mariano Vazquez, Marilu Fischer. 2 super famous teacher from US- Daniel Trenner and his partner.
Non stop tango workshops, performances and milongas.
2 milongas in 5 star hotel.
Visitors from different parts of the world.
A trip to Taj Mahal for the visitors.
Yoga workshops by renowned yoga teacher- Prabhat Bhushan Paliwal
Well known photographer to cover the event.
Stalls of tango shoes and tango clothes.
Indian hospitality.
This event will be covered by top notch media.
Here are the details of the workshop
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Milonga's name2ToTango Milonga
Beginning time19:00
Ending time21:00
Entrance fee300
CityNew Delhi
AddressS 168 Panchsheel Park
Telephone 19810526727
Telephone 209819724653
Milonga's venue typeStudio
Organizer's name2ToTango Dance School
Organizer's typeDance School
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Milonga's nameRooftop Milonga
Beginning time16:00
Ending time19:00
Entrance feefree
CityNew Delhi
Address10 Prithviraj Road
State/ProvinceNew Delhi
Telephone 1+011 2379-4659
Telephone 2+91 9910293111
Milonga's venue typeopen air
Organizer's nameCornelia Punj
Organizer's typeindividual
Comments (transportation, music, ...)This is an open air milonga which can be cancelled if it rains in the afternoon. This enchanting milonga is seasonal. It begins in January and lasts until the middle of March. The Rooftop Milongas for the year 2015 have ended and will resume in late January, early February of 2016. In cold weather the milonga ends shortly after sunset. As the weather becomes warmer this milonga continues after dark until the last die-hard tangueros cannot dance another step. Only traditional tango music is played. 10 Prithviraj Road is near Khan Market and Lodhi Gardens and Racecourse metro station.
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